08 May 24

Voiseed at GALA 2024

The role of artificial intelligence in audiovisual localization.
source: Voiseed Blog

This year, Voiseed team seized the opportunity to actively participate in the GALA Conference, one of the key industry events for localization professionals.

For the first time, we had the privilege of hosting a booth, highlighting the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on audiovisual content by leading the Audiovisual Special Interest Group (SIG) Unconference, and presenting a dedicated session.

We’ve been engaged for several months already in organizing the GALA Special Interest Group focusing on Audiovisual Localization. What better occasion to convene in person than at the GALA conference?

The audiovisual SIG unconference, led by Voiseed CEO Andrea Ballista and Professor Carlo Eugeni, opened with an overview of audiovisual content localization, and then quickly moved to an interactive session, addressing the common challenges of tight schedules and budgets in content production, and exploring how AI is reshaping workflows, and creating new professional opportunities for LSPs.

Our insights about the application of AI in audiovisual localization were further explored during the presentation of our Chief Strategy Officer, Páraic Sheridan, who shared a deeper perspective in his talk entitled ‘Voicing the Unvoiced: AI Dubbing Presents New Opportunities for LSPs’.

He highlighted how AI dubbing can streamline the production of multilingual content, enabling language service providers to tap into new markets and scale up operations that were once considered too complex and cost prohibitive.

The enthusiasm surrounding discussions on artificial intelligence in localization at the conference translated into significant interest at our stand. We conducted numerous Revoiceit demos and engaged in further discussions with LSPs and clients. Our professional virtual studio, tailor-made for the localization industry, offers expressive AI voices, and addresses the complexities of multilingual voice content creation.

Beyond showcasing our innovations, the conference provided an excellent networking opportunity that allowed us to share knowledge about the transformative impact of AI on audiovisual localization. We are excited to be part of this ongoing transformation, and we can’t wait to attend the next GALA conference.

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