The professional virtual studio for expressive AI voices


Fast. Scalable. Expressive.

Our cloud-based solution uses cutting-edge generative AI to infuse virtual voices with human emotions and prosody, creating highly expressive, lifelike audio experiences.


Unlock a Multilingual
Voice Universe

At the heart of our models lies true multilingual capability. Whether you select a voice from our extensive library or create a custom one, seamless language-switching is inherent; each voice can speak any supported language, no voice-changing required.

Master Controllability
with AI Features

Within our virtual studio, controllability is your master key. Take customization to a whole new level: fine-tune word duration, and craft emission and emotion characteristics through time. Shape AI voices like never before.

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Amplify Your
Global Impact

Empower your localization efforts with fine-grained lexicon and pronunciation control. Refine each phoneme using I.P.A. symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet), ensuring precise pronunciation of foreign words and the perfect accent for distinct language voices.

Ethical Foundations

At Voiseed, ethics are at the core of our fully synthetic voices.
Our AI models have been developed using an exclusive, in-house dataset.
Our library voices and sound-alike voices reflect our default 'no voice cloning' approach,
and when engaged, cloned voices strictly adhere to rigorous ethical and legal standards.

Use Cases


AI Dubbing and Production for Videogames

Revoiceit offers a comprehensive platform designed to streamline your game development and localization processes.

Experience the power of AI-driven casting with Revoiceit. Our sound-alike voices require no model training. They are automatically generated by our generative AI platform to match the input source. Say goodbye to the complexities of international casting – we offer a consistent sound-alike voice for each character, respecting the original casting choice, without pre-training.

Our user and project management functionality aligns perfectly with the unique needs of game developers, publishers, and language service providers.

Our platform's workflow is intrinsically designed to ensure a 'human-in-the-loop' review and approval process for all synthetic voice outputs. This approach provides strong oversight and approval for a seamless workflow.

Join the future video game voices with Revoiceit. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our platform can enhance your game development and localization processes.


AI Voice-over for Audio & Video Content

Discover the future of voice-over with Revoiceit: unlock expressive AI voices for Media & Entertainment and Corporate content.

Experience the allure of our cutting-edge expressive text-to-speech platform, effortlessly adapting to all your expressivity needs, whether it’s for standard narration of corporate e-learning or customer support content or for crafting personalized expressive voices for podcasts or advertising content.

Forget the struggles of unwanted accents and mispronunciations. With Revoiceit, all voices are inherently multilingual, guaranteeing top-quality content that resonates with your diverse audiences, whether they’re tuning in for entertainment or for critical corporate updates.

For content creators in Media & Entertainment, this means you can effortlessly connect with a global audience and venture into previously uncharted markets. For the corporate world, it means improving your communication materials for a diverse and global workforce or customer audience, ensuring your message is clear and engaging.

Connect with us today to today to explore how we can help you reduce the time, cost, and complexity of producing multilingual voice content for all of your audio/visual needs.

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