29 Nov 23

Revoiceit: The Enhanced Platform for AI Dubbing and Production

Revoiceit, the professional virtual studio for expressive AI voices developed by Voiseed, has undergone significant upgrades to meet the growing demands for localized voice content across an expanded range of  market segments.
source: Voiseed Blog

Revoiceit, the professional virtual studio for expressive AI voices developed by Voiseed, has undergone significant upgrades to meet the growing demands for localized voice content across an expanded range of  market segments. While maintaining a privileged place in the video game localization market, Revoiceit now extends its capabilities to serve customer requirements in Media & Entertainment and Corporate Communication with synthetic voices of unprecedented expressiveness and quality.

Creating multilingual audio/visual content remains a significant challenge. It involves narrating stories that resonate with audiences from diverse linguistic backgrounds and cultures. Whether it’s for marketing, entertainment, or educational purposes, the demand for content that can forge an authentic emotional connection with audiences, while seamlessly bridging language and culture gaps continues to rise inexorably. Due to the time, cost and complexity of the traditional process for content dubbing involving voice recording, vast quantities of audio/visual content remain ‘unvoiced’ outside of their source language.  Expressive synthetic voices that can be generated efficiently across languages can provide a solution to this deficit – effectively ‘voicing the unvoiced’ content in order to reach a wider global audience.

To meet this demand for voicing unvoiced content, professionals need a tool that provides high quality expressive synthetic voices, while also efficiently managing the workflow across multiple languages. With this in mind, Voiseed has now broadened its offerings through significant enhancements and additions to the Revoiceit platform.

Unveiling Revoiceit’s Features

Revoiceit now represents the first professional-grade virtual studio for AI voices that puts full control in the hands of users. With its expanded functionality and expressive large voice models Revoiceit can now support a multitude of audio/video content applications beyond video gaming, including podcasts, corporate content (advertising, eLearning, product demonstrations, webinars, etc.) and a range of other Media & Entertainment content.

At the heart of the Revoiceit platform, Voiseed’s multilingual large voice model is the key to success for many different use-cases. In a world where voice cloning and text-to-speech technologies are gaining prominence but fall short when it comes to conveying emotion and accuracy, controllability is critical.
By providing users with unprecedented control over AI voices, Revoiceit empowers creators to breathe life into their projects, ensuring exceptional human-like voice quality, unrivaled clarity, and accuracy, setting a new standard in the industry. The pre-trained models are ready for immediate use and possess the unique ability to fluently speak multiple languages while maintaining a rich spectrum of expressive and emotional qualities.

Revoiceit is engineered with a strong focus on user-friendliness, ensuring that creators can navigate the platform with ease. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive virtual studio with 360° customization that empowers content creators to fine-tune their projects exactly as they envision them.
Users can exercise fine-grained control over lexicon and pronunciation, with phoneme adjustments, multilingual glossaries, and even International Phonetic Alphabet settings, while exploring the vast capabilities of the virtual voice studio. Here, creators can experience extensive control and customization over voice output, including duration, emission, and emotion, which are the key determinants of the overall quality and usability of the output.

Built on Strong Ethical Foundations

Voiseed is also proud to uphold a strong ethical stance in the development of synthetic voices. The platform does not employ voice cloning by default, and when it is used, it is strictly within comprehensive ethical and legal boundaries.
Whether it’s enhancing the gaming experience, captivating audiences in the media and entertainment industry, or delivering impactful corporate communications, Voiseed’ Revoiceit virtual studio offers the capability to bring projects to life. It’s a testament to the power of AI in localization, breaking down language barriers and connecting with audiences on a profound emotional level, ultimately revolutionizing the way we communicate in a globalized world.

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