The Professional Virtual Studio For Expressive AI Voices

Fast. Scalable. Expressive.

Our cloud-based solution uses cutting-edge generative AI to infuse virtual voices with human emotions and prosody, creating highly expressive, lifelike audio experiences.

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Unlock a Multilingual
Voice Universe

At the heart of our models lies true multilingual capability. Whether you select a voice from our extensive library or create a custom one, seamless language-switching is inherent; each voice can speak any supported language, no voice-changing required.

Master Controllability
with AI Features

Within our virtual studio, controllability is your master key. Take customization to a whole new level: fine-tune word duration, and craft emission and emotion characteristics through time. Shape AI voices like never before.

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Amplify Your
Global Impact

Empower your localization efforts with fine-grained lexicon and pronunciation control. Refine each phoneme using I.P.A. symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet), ensuring precise pronunciation of foreign words and the perfect accent for distinct language voices.

Use Cases

Empowering Content Creators, Localization Experts, and Businesses worldwide.


AI Voices For Marketing Advertising

Connect with your worldwide audience and amplify your content using AI. Enjoy our state-of-the-art expressive text-to-speech system. Personalize any content with the perfect pitch and generate AI voices like you have never imagined.


Multilingual AI Voices For Podcast

Elevate your narration with AI voices and infuse emotions to your content. Forget the struggles of unwanted accents and mispronunciation. With Revoiceit, all voices are inherently multilingual, ensuring high-quality content that resonates with the audience.


AI Voice Over for Corporate Content

Enhance your communication strategies and broaden your business presence in the market. Connect with your target audience using the perfect tone, with a clear and engaging message. Revoiceit helps you fine-tune every aspect for a uniquely tailored communication approach.


AI Voices For Videogame NPCs

Bring characters to life and help players immerse in a true multilingual experience. Wave goodbye to the complexity of international casting: Revoiceit helps you creating consistent multilingual voices for each character, respecting the original casting choice, without any pre-training.