21 Oct 21

New speech-to-speech tech company in running for $3 million grant

Voiseed, a new Milan-based startup, aims to shake up the audio localization industry with a deep learning, virtual voice engine that allows content creators to easily and affordably create unique, expressive voice content.
source: multilingual.com

Localization key to success
In today’s global world, there is a huge and growing consumer demand for high-quality localization – the translation and transformation of content into their own languages and cultures. And while English may be the default language in the tech industry, the consumer reality is quite different. For example, of the top five countries/markets for game revenue, China, the US, Japan, South Korean, and Germany, English is the dominant language in just one. In fact, of the total game revenue from the top ten, only about 35% comes from English-speaking countries/markets.

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